Output number 1
Output’s title and type: Questionnaries Report 2020 – Surveys and data analysis
Start date: 01/07/2018
End date: 31/12/2019
Leading organisation: CGFS
Participating organizations: All country partners (Italy, CGFS; Romania, NISR; Netherlands, EFDN; Spain, Club Basquet Granollers; Greece, ASTERI; Bulgaria, Stefan Noikov Foundation; Poland, CSRMP)
Language: English

The present report includes the analysis of the responses gathered from the questionnaires which have been distributed throughout the NOVIS project.

The analysed data take in consideration a total of 2,966 questionnaires filled in before and after the unfolding of the Sport e-camps, when the three main categories of teachers, trainers, youngsters have been involved with the aim of investigating their perception of violence in sport, their expectations for e- camps and their experience upon completion of the activities.

The analysis of the questionnaires involves the codification of every answer provided by the participants into interpretive macro-areas; these were clustered in order to generate numerically significant categories across the various countries.

The heterogeneous pool of answers called for a type of interpretation which created, on the one hand, general analytical categories while reflecting, on the other hand, the differences determined by the cultural difference of the project’s participants.

Being attuned to the cultural specificities of the answers illustrates how filtering the exploration of sport practices through the lens of violence enables a conceptualisation of sport as a complex phenomenon made of interweaving social and cultural components.

Andrea Del Bono

IRIS ricerche for CGFS