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The Novis Project ( is launching an International Open Call to host participants in a 2-day CONGRESS entitled “PROMOTING EU SPORT VALUES AND FIGHTING VIOLENCE IN SPORT”.

The International Call aims to host about 30 participants from all Europe. The deadline for applications is 23rd February 2020, 23:59 GMT.

The Congress will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2020 in ‎Stadionstraat 23, Breda, Netherlands.

With the application of the Congress, the participants have the chance to take part for free to the first day of the EFDN Conference (24th march).

EFDN Conference is the largest gathering of CSR-experts in European football.


The Novis network launches the Novis’ Final Congress: PROMOTING EU SPORT VALUES AND FIGHTING VIOLENCE IN SPORT

The Novis partnerships is composed of 10 organisations (different organisations such as National Olympic Committee, CONI and national bodies NISR, sport clubs – ASTERI and CBG, associations active in the field of sport, CGFS, Comunità Nuova, Stefan Noikov Foundation, EFDN, CSRMP and regional authority such as Tuscany Region) from 7 Members States (Italy, Romania, Netherland, Spain, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria) active in the field of sport.


The seminar will be held during the 14th EFDN Conference in ‎Stadionstraat 23, Breda, Netherlands.

EFDN Conference is The largest gathering of CSR-experts in European football.


March 23rd and 24th


Open to:

  • University students. In particular to students in Physical Excercise And Sport Sciences.
  • University teachers. In particular teachers in Physical Excercise And Sport Sciences.
  • School’s teachers
  • Club’s sport managers
  • Coaches
  • Club’s players
  • Sport association
  • Cultural association
  • Ong

Evaluation Criteria?

Relevance of the qualification for the themes of the course and profit merit. Level of English proficiency and related certifications.
The selection criteria will also ensure gender equality and equal opportunities through special reserves of places. Priority will also be given to students from schools participating in the Novis Project.


No participation fee. The participants will be provided with travel subsidies, accommodation and meals, under the following rules:

  • The hosting organization will refund the travel up to 300,00 € for each participant.
  • Participants are free to expend more than 300,00 €, but they must cover the difference with their own resources.
  • The travel must cover all expenses to arrive at the final accommodation, in the town of Breda – Netherlands. The travel costs admitted are exclusively air, train and bus tickets. No refund will be granted for other expenses.
  • The hosting organization will refund the hotel expenses for one night (check-in 23rd march, check-out 24th march).
  • If the expenses will be lower than 300€, the participant will be refunded only for the expenses covering tickets.

Congress NOVIS Programme

23rd March 2020

Afternoon (Open to the stakeholders)

14.30 – Welcoming and registration

14.40 – Presentation of Novis Project

14.50 – Sharing best practices: the affiliation of an institution/sport federation

15.30 – Coffee break

15.45 – Sharing best practices: the affiliation of a sport club/school

16.30 – The Pilot Affiliation

16.50 – Novis social campaign

14TH EFDN CONFERENCE Programme – 24rd March 2020

European football is teaming up for social change. Establishing innovative partnerships, sharing best practices and developing new programmes for sustainable impact are the goals of our EFDN Conferences. On the 24th and 25th of March, EFDN will organise the 14th edition of the largest gathering of CSR-experts in European football. Join more than 175 professionals from over 80 clubs, leagues and FAs at NAC Breda’s Rat Verlegh stadium in the Netherlands.

This conference is the perfect platform for organisations of all shapes and sizes to be able to share ideas and develop new concepts. Participants will discuss challenges like fundraising, sustainability, racism, gender inequality, social inclusion and youth crime. Conference attendees also have the chance to get insights into the community work of NAC Breda by attending practical sessions. The team spirit and the informal environment is what makes our conferences special. Together we show that we are one team. Together we are #Morethanfootball.

Programme highlights will include:

  • Latest insights: expert panels and intriguing presentations providing insights into current trends and challenges in CSR in European Football.
  • Interactive sharing of knowledge: break-out sessions and specifically tailored round-table sessions challenging conference attendees to share experiences and best practices.
  • Study visits: delegates are invited to see 4 live project delivery sessions.
  • Networking: participants also have the opportunity to network with CSR business leaders and development visionaries.
  • Partnerships: EFDN will present new programmes and funding opportunities
  • Sightseeing: attendees will have the time to explore the beautiful city centre of Breda and will be dining in the stunning “Grote Kerk” which is the main landmark of the city.

For further informations click this link

Apply before 23rd February 2020