Granollers: the “train the trainers” laboratory was a success!

As we explained at the Milan Kick off meeting, our idea was to involve the Municipality of Granollers ( 80.000 inhabitants) in to the Novis Project in order to extend it to all the city.

Before the ¨Train the trainers¨ activity was celebrated, we had a couple of meetings with the officials of Sports and Educational City Hall areas to explain them about Novis and to prepare together the workshop meeting.

Club Bàsquet Granollers ¨Train the trainers¨ activity took place on the 29th  and 30 th November at the Press Room and courts of the Granollers Olympic Arena. At the meeting there the local media such as regional TV and newspapers to collect all the information to be spread out.

We focused the activity on the city main Sports Clubs and some public schools. At the meeting, we gathered a total of 22 organizations with a potential objective of around 2.000 young boys and girls. We found a very good predisposition in all the participants.

Apart from the workshop, mainly focused on create a common training template with the participants to be developed at the Sport E-camps, there were also an idea brainstorm in order to give Novis visibility through all the city and the surronding municipalities.

At  the time being, we have had a positive answer of almost all of the organizations  to start the E-camps with the support of our Trainers . We expect we will begin  the Sport camps in February.