Florence convention: a big success!!!

Great interest and attention for the NOVIS convention that took place on the 21st of February in Florence.

About 400 students filled the theatre of the Compagnia di Firenze. They were not only spectators, but also protagonists of the morning during which there were projected videos made by them, small posters against violence in sport.

It is precisely among the new generations that true values are to be disseminated, to be internalized because they are fundamental in society and in life. The important thing, as pointed out by Don Gino in his speech, is that there are adults ready to bet on young people. Projects such as NOVIS intervene precisely to define, share and disseminate good practices in the implementation of values, to educate children about inclusion, loyalty, respect and commitment. Always high, however, attention is still paid to those who are at the center of visibility, to those who practice sport at a competitive level and thus become a model to follow.

Giovanni Simeone embodies both aspects: the young and good player of Fiorentina, son of art, was a guest at the conference where he spoke of the daily difficulties, the burden and the honor of having as a father Diego Pablo Simeone.
In his candid and sincere speech, talking with Germano Lanzoni (Milanese Imbruttito, official speaker of AC Milan), he addressed central issues for NOVIS: the criticisms, which are often experienced badly but which are the obstacles that allow us to overcome; the importance of setting even small, achievable goals to increase self-confidence. Also significant is the final moment, where he talks about the fun with his companions, in the changing rooms, where different cultures meet: this is what counts in football, which remains a game where the real value is given by relationships, relationships with people.

Here you can see the video of Giovanni Simeone’s intervention.

In the afternoon, dedicated to sports associations, there were other important contributions such as Alessandro Cannavò, Giacomo Galanda and Alessandro Birindelli.

Here the summary of the day with the video interviews with Marco Malvaldi, writer, Stefania Saccardi, councilor for social policies, sport and health for the Tuscany Region, Matteo Biffoni, mayor of Prato, and Gianfelice Facchetti, actor.