Preventing violence in youth sport and physical education: the NOVIS proposal

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  • Data di Pubblicazione 24 Febbraio 2021


Background. Violence in sport, both on and off the field, has been conceived as a main social problem that needs to be prevented. Aims. The purpose of this paper is to present in the ‘No Violence in Sport’ (NOVIS) project framework, a modular training model, some recommendations and tools that can be implemented in youth sport and physical education (PE) to prevent violence. Methods. A modular training model summarized in a NOVIS methodological guide designed for coaches and PE teachers aimed at raising awareness on preventing violence and developing specific didactic skills to contrast violence is presented. Didactic recommendations to create a mastery (task-involving) motivational climate in youth sport and PE, interactive didactic methodologies and inclusion are the key elements of the modular training model. In addition, some multimedia didactic tools (i.e., sport chart, logbooks, cooperative games, videos) are also presented. Conclusions. The main aim of the NOVIS project was to develop teaching methodologies and tools focused at preventing violence in youth sport and PE. Future research is needed to implement the modular training model and to test it, evaluating its efficacy, expanding its aims, and adapting it to specific contexts and countries.


Francesca Vitali Ph.D.

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