Children’s day in Razgrad

Families, teachers and more than 100 children from the region and the schools involved in the project took part in the games organized by Stefan Noykov Foundation and PFC “Ludogorets” 1945 on the occasion of the International Children’s Day.

The children had the opportunity to demonstrate their masterful skills on a bicycle. The kids were divided in two age groups from 10 to 12 years and from 12 to 14


“Bike Cross” and “Master Driving”

The children had the opportunity to show creative skills, drawing on a canvas entitled “Children, Sport and Friendship”.

Like the canvas, will be presented by ” Ludogorets” in some of their event.

All children received certificates and the best racers in the competition received prizes and some presents from Ludogorets.

Special thanks to PFC “Ludogorets” 1945

As well as the directors and coaches from:

“Nikola Obreshkov” Hight School – Razgrad;

“Vasil Levski” Secondary School – Razgrad;

Otets Paisiy Primary School – Razgrad;

“Vasil Aprilov” Primary School – Isperih;

“Hristo Botev” Secondary School – Kubrat

Great teachers of wonderful children!