Novis launch the call for participants for the Congress “Promoting EU sport values and fighting violence in sport” 23rd-24th March Breda (Netherlands)

Novis e-camps at the Christmas Tournament in Granollers

Club Bàsquet Granollers presents the 18th edition of the CBG U12 Christmas Tournament. The Tournament is one of the most important in Spain with 40 teams and around 500 players. The tournament will take place between 27 and 29 of december.

During the press conference the CB Granollers President presented the NOVIS – No Violence In Sport E-Camps that will be made with athletes and a big meeting with parents about violence in Sport (and specially about the Parents behaviours in the stands).

An article on NaciòGranollers web press.

The speech of the CB Granollers president

The 4th meeting: the Granollers connection!

On the 11th and 12th of July took place the 4th meeting of the NOVISPORT programme in Granollers, Spain.

On the first day of the meeting, all project partners shared their experiences while implementing NOVIS in their own activities and explained the current state of their project implementation. Afterwards, the participants received input from Marc Villa Pozo, a Sports Psychologist, who explained how prejudices, group dynamics and different perceptions can lead to violence in sports. Villa Pozo presented recommendations that can be useful for the day-to-day work of the project partners. Oscar Orellana, Assistant Coach at FC Barcelona Basketball, highlighted later on how important it is to work towards a clear goal and showed the influence of role models.

The second day of the meeting saw an analysis of the current activities of the project partners. The representatives of the different clubs and organisations agreed on several aspects of the methodology. The methodological guide for coaches, teachers and practitioners will be finalised soon. All project partners will contribute to the final document by sharing ideas, tools, and best practices.

Here a video on VOTV.ALACARTA.CAT

Children’s day in Razgrad

Families, teachers and more than 100 children from the region and the schools involved in the project took part in the games organized by Stefan Noykov Foundation and PFC “Ludogorets” 1945 on the occasion of the International Children’s Day.

The children had the opportunity to demonstrate their masterful skills on a bicycle. The kids were divided in two age groups from 10 to 12 years and from 12 to 14


“Bike Cross” and “Master Driving”

The children had the opportunity to show creative skills, drawing on a canvas entitled “Children, Sport and Friendship”.

Like the canvas, will be presented by ” Ludogorets” in some of their event.

All children received certificates and the best racers in the competition received prizes and some presents from Ludogorets.

Special thanks to PFC “Ludogorets” 1945

As well as the directors and coaches from:

“Nikola Obreshkov” Hight School – Razgrad;

“Vasil Levski” Secondary School – Razgrad;

Otets Paisiy Primary School – Razgrad;

“Vasil Aprilov” Primary School – Isperih;

“Hristo Botev” Secondary School – Kubrat

Great teachers of wonderful children!

250 kids for the Asteri E-Camp!

ASTERI Organization completed on Monday May 19, with great success the first two-day training camp with the participation of 250 children from the 72nd Elementary School of Saint Therapion. The young students attended a brief informative seminar in which they were informed about the NOVIS program. Then they  formed in the courtyard the letters of the word NOVIS with their bodies!!.
The kids were divided into mixed groups and played games in the context of the action to combat violence in sports.
After each game there was a strong applause for the winners.
The kids agreed, at the beginning of the Seminar, that for every mistake of a player the “punishment” would be for the whole team.
They also agreed to support the weak players and help them when needed. Mixed groups from boys and girls had a lot of fun while trying different games with their eyes closed or tied with belts.
In the breaks between the games each team had to choose a leader in order to make the next groups. When all the games finished the older kids made their own suggestions for games where all children can participate and help a team with their talent.
In charge of the Educational Team for NOVIS project was the president of the ASTERI Association, Tania Kyriakidou, while the Board members Eftihia Poulouktsi and Morphou Apostolidou played referees roles.
The 14 School Teachers attended a Mini training Seminar in order to Support the Camp and learn more about the games and how to react in several problems.

March 22nd 2019: Novis’ workshop wtih Giulia Sautariello at Prato’s primary school


March 22nd 2019: Novis’ workshop wtih Giulia Sautariello at Prato’s primary school

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]On Friday, March 22nd, at the Le Fonti Primary School in Prato (Italy), CGFS instructors Fabiola Tonioni and Martino Angelini, as part of the NOVIS No Violence in Sport project, organized a morning of training on the issues of non-violence aimed at parents, students and teaching staff.

Giulia Sautariello, athlete of the Italian National Deaf Basketball Team, was the special guest of the morning.

The participating classes were very happy with the experience lived in the classroom and in the gym in close contact with the young athlete from Prato.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Watch the photogallery

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Florence convention: a big success!!!

Great interest and attention for the NOVIS convention that took place on the 21st of February in Florence.

About 400 students filled the theatre of the Compagnia di Firenze. They were not only spectators, but also protagonists of the morning during which there were projected videos made by them, small posters against violence in sport.

It is precisely among the new generations that true values are to be disseminated, to be internalized because they are fundamental in society and in life. The important thing, as pointed out by Don Gino in his speech, is that there are adults ready to bet on young people. Projects such as NOVIS intervene precisely to define, share and disseminate good practices in the implementation of values, to educate children about inclusion, loyalty, respect and commitment. Always high, however, attention is still paid to those who are at the center of visibility, to those who practice sport at a competitive level and thus become a model to follow.

Giovanni Simeone embodies both aspects: the young and good player of Fiorentina, son of art, was a guest at the conference where he spoke of the daily difficulties, the burden and the honor of having as a father Diego Pablo Simeone.
In his candid and sincere speech, talking with Germano Lanzoni (Milanese Imbruttito, official speaker of AC Milan), he addressed central issues for NOVIS: the criticisms, which are often experienced badly but which are the obstacles that allow us to overcome; the importance of setting even small, achievable goals to increase self-confidence. Also significant is the final moment, where he talks about the fun with his companions, in the changing rooms, where different cultures meet: this is what counts in football, which remains a game where the real value is given by relationships, relationships with people.

Here you can see the video of Giovanni Simeone’s intervention.

In the afternoon, dedicated to sports associations, there were other important contributions such as Alessandro Cannavò, Giacomo Galanda and Alessandro Birindelli.

Here the summary of the day with the video interviews with Marco Malvaldi, writer, Stefania Saccardi, councilor for social policies, sport and health for the Tuscany Region, Matteo Biffoni, mayor of Prato, and Gianfelice Facchetti, actor.