250 kids for the Asteri E-Camp!

ASTERI Organization completed on Monday May 19, with great success the first two-day training camp with the participation of 250 children from the 72nd Elementary School of Saint Therapion. The young students attended a brief informative seminar in which they were informed about the NOVIS program. Then they  formed in the courtyard the letters of the word NOVIS with their bodies!!.
The kids were divided into mixed groups and played games in the context of the action to combat violence in sports.
After each game there was a strong applause for the winners.
The kids agreed, at the beginning of the Seminar, that for every mistake of a player the “punishment” would be for the whole team.
They also agreed to support the weak players and help them when needed. Mixed groups from boys and girls had a lot of fun while trying different games with their eyes closed or tied with belts.
In the breaks between the games each team had to choose a leader in order to make the next groups. When all the games finished the older kids made their own suggestions for games where all children can participate and help a team with their talent.
In charge of the Educational Team for NOVIS project was the president of the ASTERI Association, Tania Kyriakidou, while the Board members Eftihia Poulouktsi and Morphou Apostolidou played referees roles.
The 14 School Teachers attended a Mini training Seminar in order to Support the Camp and learn more about the games and how to react in several problems.